Alvin Toffler could have been talking about the world of Marketing when he wrote Future Shock.  Marketing as we know it seems to be evolving faster than ever.   New buzzwords and new ideas on established Marketing principles abound.  Can a day go by without us hearing about big data, changes in the consumer decision journey, native advertising, programmatic media buying, storytelling, the importance of content, etc.?

Marketing and media fragmentation,  generational based changes in consumer behavior, technological innovation and the relentless growth of new social media platforms demand that we continually reevaluate once sacred Marketing principles and approaches.  However, we need to guard against a tendency to breath a little bit too much of our own exhaust.   It’s easy to assume that everything has changed.  But has it?  How many times have we heard “experts” talk about the demise of television and television advertising as an example.  Yet, recent information from Nielsen shows that people ( in total) are watching more TV than ever when you include time shifted ( VOD and DVR) viewing.

Every once in a while it’s helpful to make sure that we’re well grounded and not getting carried away with hype and hyperbole.  That’s why I found the article on The Five Biggest Myths of Modern Advertising by Tom Goodwin in to be a quick, but valuable checkpoint.

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