Sometimes, amazingly simple ideas can help differentiate brands in otherwise highly competitive markets.   Few categories are more competitive than fast foods.  But one brand, Chick-fil-A, has succeeded in establishing a unique identity among a sea of choices. The brand’s food quality is toward the top of the fast food pyramid.  In my experience, its stores are much cleaner than competitors and its workers friendlier and more attentive.  Can you think of any other fast food brand that has staff walking around asking if you want your drink refilled and always replies with “my pleasure” when you thank them for their service?

Now, Chick-fil-A has come up with a new idea.  They observed their customers and noticed how  hectic it can be for young moms to order their food with their children in tow. The solution?  Mom’s Valet. Order in the drive thru then come inside to a prepared table. Simple. Quick. And it will make lives easier for millennial moms.

How can you come up with innovations like this in your business?  Start by watching and listening to your customers.  Know what their problems are. Observe how they use your products.

Need help?  Call us.  We’ve helped many companies better understand their customers and come up with solutions to create differentiation in competitive markets.

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