Rio 2016 Olympics imageWho is to blame for the Ryan Lochte tsunami? His agent. That’s right, his agent. Sure, Ryan was the one who messed up in zircon medal fashion by having a few too many adult beverages and having a small bladder that needed relieving against a wall. But, the second there was any hint of a problem his agent should have stuffed a beach towel in Ryan’s mouth and helped him develop a candid, ” I’m sorry. I’m to blame. I’m bad … here is exactly what happened and here is the money for my teammates who had to pay the fine ” strategy. Instead, Lochte’s fumbled prouncements make you wonder if his ramblings were the product of holding his breath for a combined 10 of his 30+ years.

What’s sad is that the media golden boy, Michael Phelps, was a self-confessed pot smoker and multiple offender of driving under the influence yet his transgressions faced little scrutiny by the sycophantic NBC announcers during the Games less they damage ratings. Instead they body slammed Lochte because they know a ratings bonanza when they see it.

What will all this cost Lochte? He’s already lost four corporate sponsors: Speedo, Syneron Candela, and Airweave have dropped him and Polo Ralph Lauren opted not to renew. And, for most Olympians, shelf life is short. Once the Olympics is over we mere mortals quickly move on to other things until the next Olympics. By then, Lochte will likely be too old to compete, so his opportunities to bring on new sponsors is now past.

Phelps was able to get past his sins by going into rehab. Tiger got forgiven after going into rehab (for being extra horny no less). For Lochte it’s too late.

I wonder how much his agent will make this year?

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