Looking for help in launching your new brand or great new product idea?   Anxious to accelerate your company’s growth and questioning whether to reposition or rebrand?  Considering sponsorships but not sure what sponsorship property best fits your brand?  Maybe you just need help developing a more effective marketing or brand strategy?   

Brand Slam can help you achieve any of these goals, from start to finish, from strategy through implementation. Our passion is developing Home Run Ideas and Solutions.

Want to take a little batting practice with us to see how we work?  Let us give you a free assessment of your  brand and brand strategy as a means of getting acquainted.   And why you’re at it, check out some of the Home Runs we’ve done for other businesses.

  • Harvey’s extensive experience was a catalyst in helping drive a new strategy and improved advertising for Taco Bell. Harvey’s hallmarks are bold thinking and quality execution.  He creates and produces work that makes one proud of the brand and the product that resonates with the customer.

    ~Peter Waller, President, Taco Bell

    A Sampling of Our Services

    baseball_bullet Brand and Marketing Strategy
    baseball_bullet Opportunity Assessments
    baseball_bullet Marketing Campaign Creative Development and Execution
    baseball_bullet Go To Market Strategy
    baseball_bullet Naming and Logo Design
    baseball_bullet Video Production
    baseball_bullet Digital Marketing
    baseball_bullet Sponsorships: Strategy, Negotiation and Activation
    baseball_bullet Social Media
    baseball_bullet Website Design and Development
    baseball_bullet Influencer Marketing
    baseball_bullet Market Insights and Analysis


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